Moab Offroad, 50 E 100N, Moab, Utah, 84532 - Call for questions and reservations: 775-790-7579|
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Moab Jeep® Tours

Welcome to the Greatest Adventure Park in the World!

Our site is under construction and more details and tours will be posted soon.

We are opening March 1st. For any questions or early reservations feel free to contact Kyle at 775-790-7579 or

We offer two styles of tours, firstly, a Ride-Along tour where you are a passenger with our expert guides for an epic off-road experience; and secondly, a Drive-Along, whereas you bring your capable 4×4 vehicle and follow us over and through the trails your rig and driving experience is capable of.

Ride-Along Tours:

Our typical touring package. Come ride along in our extremely outfitted Jeep vehicles and let our professional tour guides escort you through the Moab wilderness.

Drive-Along Tours:

Bring your own vehicles and follow us along through any tours we provide. Our guides can lead caravans up to 4 vehicles all while providing information, help, and trail assistance all for the same price.

Featured and Popular Tours:

Behind the Rocks – $

Cliffhanger – $

Poison Spider Mesa & Golden Spike – $

3D, The Pickel, Dill Pickle – $

Top of the World and Waring Mesa – $

Steel Bender – $