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Moab Jeep Tours, the ultimate back country 4×4 jeep tour adventure

Moab Jeep Tours is proud to offer the ultimate full day Moab tour that includes many of the most photographic sights in the Moab sphere of influence; including the Colorado Scenic Riverway, the Castle Valley Monuments, the Fischer Towers & Valley, North Beaver Mesa, Thompson Canyon, Bald Mesa, Geyser Pass, La Sal Pass, and the backcountry of the Monti-LaSal National Forest. This full day tour will start in downtown Moab and travel to elevations of over 10,000 feet – twice!

Our goal is to provide you a guided tour experience that saves you from having to figure out where to go and how to get there. We make certain that you have as much fun as possible without the most common challenges inherent with entering into a totally new and remote 4×4 adventure. Our guided tours help to mitigate the learning curve of trail discovery, the potential of getting lost and needing recovery assistance, and having the necessary the off-road communications equipment of CB radio, HAM radio, Satellite phone, and GPS.

Reserving a guided tour is a great way to enjoy these sights and get awesome photographs of your vacation. Our premise is that while you are here on vacation you will want to spend the most time discovering the gorgeous scenery of Moab, and you will want to take awesome photos of the magnificent sights to memorialize your vacation.

We offers two options to get you totally immersed into the beautiful landscapes of Moab:

Ride Along Tour in Our Highly Customized Jeep

A full day for up to 4 persons

The Ride-along tour is our most convenient touring experience because you can just show up to town and get into our highly customized $90,000 Jeep Wranger Rubicon Hard Rock edition vehicle and let our professional tour guide escort you through the Moab area wilderness. For those of you who are visiting and want to get into the backcountry without renting a 4×4, or you own a 4×4 but travelled so far that bringing your vehicle was overly burdensome, then this tour will get you into the gorgeous Moab experience ASAP.

Follow Along Tour in Your Jeep

A full day

If you bring your own 4×4 vehicle or you have rented a 4×4 but are new to the Moab experience, our Follow Along tour is a great start for maximizing your time while here on vacation. We will provide you with an exciting introductory tour of the greater Moab sphere of influence without any time wasted. The tour experience is the same as the Ride Along, but you get the satisfaction of driving the route yourself. For in-vehicle group communications we provide your vehicle a CB radio that has been tested and tuned so as we can stay in contact with us while en-route.

For questions and reservations call or text 775-790-7579 or email reservations@moab-jeep-tours.com.