Hurrah Pass Tour – $295 per vehicle

For those of that can’t get enough of the canyon country can take this relaxing, scenic trip to the top of Hurrah Pass. From the top of the pass is a vista to the other side of the river unfolding the Colorado River and the steep rock walls of the Island in the Sky of Canyonland National Park and Dead Horse State Park. Behind the pass is the gorgeous and dramatic Kane Creek Canyon stretching out in two directions. The tour route includes a stop at the famous pictographs from indigenous people that date back to ancient times. Witness what is thought of as the first picture recording of human birth. The baby is portrayed feet first. Along with the magnificent birthing scene, you can also pick out horses, centipedes, and a sandal trail.


The views from Hurrah Pass itself are awesome. Looking into the vast Colorado River basin ahead or back toward the Kane Creek drainage, either direction is a winner. Distant Dead Horse Point sits atop the towering cliffs across the river.


The road begins as gravel but becomes mostly red dirt and sand with the occasional appearance of sandstone bedrock.

Trail Details

Hurrah Pass Plus is an easy scenic drive on a county road to the top of Hurrah Pass. It is envisioned as a short, scenic, and relaxing short trip for the final morning of the Labor Day weekend for those that want a last taste of the canyon country before heading home.


Each vehicle is dedicated to your group and can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children. If you have a larger group call us in advance to arrange a third row seat ($50 per person).

For questions and reservations call or text 435-210-1020 or email