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Manti-La Sal National Forest to Fischer Towers

A Full Day Tour -$795

This trail is offered to let people escape the heat that summer brings in the area, view the Fall Colors in spectacular fashion, and experience the oppulant red rock of Onion Creek. The tour begins on the floor of the Spanish Valley out in the Pack Creek area and climbs up to the flower filled meado in the shadow of Mt. Peale at 10,400 feet above sea level. For those used to mountain trails, it will be old hat, but the views of the Moab area are still worth the trip. Those that haven’t experienced mountain 4-wheeling before the switchback filled climbs will probably amaze as the road clings to the mountain side. The vegetation changes continually along the way, starting with the pinion and juniper zone up unto the dark timber forest, tossing in a few aspen stands, and finally the flower filled meadows near the timberline.


Vista like views of the Moab Valley, the Moab Rim, the Behind the Rocks area, the Castle Valley, the Fischer Valley, and more.


Varies by section and altitude. Rutted dirt, loose shale rock, rock imbedded in roadbed, possible mud, sand, and sandstone.

Trail Details

This trip is more for scenery and cool air and spectacular vistas and flora than it is for challenges to your vehicle, unless heights bother you. If that is the case another trail choice would be wise. But the trip does offer a few sections that will put the vehicle and drive to work a little bit and there is usually a mud hole or two to dirty up the rig as well.

From the pass summit of Geyser Peak, elevation 10,600 feet, we will head northeast to view the Castle Valley and then descend into the lavishly distinct red rock of Onion Creek at the base of Fischer Towers.

Note this is a Full Day Tour and is intended for people who want to see a whole lot of exciting and gorgeous terrain in one day. This tour has alot of something for everyone – especially photographers.

Ride Along Tour in Our Highly Customized Jeep

The Ride-along tour is our most convenient touring experience because you can just show up to town and get into our highly customized $100,000 Jeep Wranger Rubicon Hard Rock edition vehicle and let our professional tour guide escort you through the Moab area wilderness. For those of you who are visiting and want to get into the backcountry without renting a 4×4, or you own a 4×4 but travelled so far that bringing your vehicle was overly burdensome, then this tour will get you into the gorgeous Moab experience ASAP. The 4 person limit includes 2 average sized adults and 2 children.

Follow Along Tour in Your Jeep

If you bring your own 4×4 vehicle or you have rented a 4×4 but are new to the Moab experience, our Follow Along tour is a great start for maximizing your time while here on vacation. We will provide you with an exciting introductory tour of the greater Moab sphere of influence without any time wasted. The tour experience is the same as the Ride Along, but you get the satisfaction of driving the route yourself. For in-vehicle group communications we provide your vehicle a CB radio that has been tested and tuned so as we can stay in contact with us while en-route.

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