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For an extra amazing Jeep tour bring along one of America’s foremost landscape photographers who resides right here in Moab!

Tom Till & Dan Norris

For those of you who want to memorialize your epic Moab offroad Jeeping experience with having the resources of a world class photographer wtih you along for the ride, you can reserve either Tom or Dan to join us on your tour. Their professionalism and knowledge of this area will enable you to get the best photographic results on any given day with the most memorable photos of your choice of trails and scenery. The cost to bring one of them along is $595 per day and $345 for half day. For best results they recommend to plan on either a sunrise OR sunset half-day tour, or take a sunrise AND sunset tour for a full-day tour equivalent with a mid-day break.

Tom Till Gallery & Tours


In his nearly forty-year career, Tom has authored more than 30 books, published hundreds of thousands of images and had prints displayed in every corner of America and the globe. Outdoor Photographer Magazine has called him one of the “Lords of Landscape Photography,” and described him as “legendary.”

Till’s work has been used in many environmental campaigns in Utah, the Southwest, and nationally, including the successful fights to keep nuclear waste out of Canyonlands National Park, the designation of Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument, and the removal of a hazardous uranium tailings pond outside of his home of Moab.

An ardent traveler, Till has photographed in all fifty U.S. states and in 114 countries across the globe. An exhibit of his images of UNESCO World Heritage Sites sponsored by UNESCO and the United States State Department traveled the globe for many years. Till has said, “I have won life’s lottery with my work. I am constantly inspired and filled with great joy as I experience and photograph the infinite beauty of the landscapes of the Earth.” One of his most recent books, Photographing the World was the winner of a 2013 Ben Franklin Award. Till has also been honored with a Fellow award from the North American Nature Photography Association, and inducted into the Iowa Rock and Roll hall of fame. In 2013 Till was honored with the Utah Governor’s Mansion Art Award. Till lives in Moab, Utah.

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