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$239 Moab Sunset Jeep Tour Special


Regularly $300 – that’s 20% off!

Limited Time Only

Moab Jeep Tours will take your family on an epic off road adventure to experience an evening sunset tour. $239 for the first 3 persons (or 2 adults and 2 children), and $50 for each extra person.

Moab’s premier slickrock trial lies northeast of town between the Sand Flats road and the Colorado River.  Hell’s Revenge is an extremely popular trail in Moab and is considered a must do for many. It’s a wild rollercoaster ride over natural, petrified sand dunes, or “fins” as most people call them. The most difficult obstacles are out of the stock vehicle class, but these can be bypassed. If you take all the bypasses, it’s not a very technical trail, however, it’s still going to be a thriller and it’s not for the faint of heart. There are a lot of steep climbs and descents over the fins and some areas that you must drive very close to the edge of high cliffs which can be truly terrifying. For those looking for some added fun, Hells Revenge offers a few optional obstacles, and the Overlook also offers a great view of the Colorado River. This one should be on your bucket list.


The large vistas sweep full circle from the La Sal Mountains through Arches National Park to the cliff rims that overlook Moab Valley. The nearby country is an amazing stretch ofd bare sandstone with clefts and canyons, including a magnificent overlook above the Colorado River Canyon.


In additon to the slickrock, there are rock ledges, broken rock, and a little blow sand.

Trail Details

The first ascent offers an immediate challenge to first, get onto it, and then to overcome nervousness about the drops on both sides. The major slickrock area includes steep climbs, sharp turns, and a hair raising descent along a steep ridge with litte room for error either left or right.

This special discount is just for the duration of the summer season, so don’t miss out on this limited time offer!

For questions and reservations email reservations@moab-jeep-tours.com or call 435-572-0067

For questions and reservations email reservations@moab-jeep-tours.com 

or call 435-572-0067